Assalamualaikum wbt, and very good evening I bid to master of ceremony, fellow candidates, my supportive friends and last but not lease to all my beloved UTPians. Thank you for spending your precious time with us tonight.

First and foremost, before I start my speech, let me introduce myself,

My name is, Ahmad Umair Bin Zubir.

  1. Currently in 2nd year 1st semester.
  2. In Civil Engineering Department.
  3. I am candidate number 6… and competing for general constituency.

Briefly about my achievement in UTP :

  1. Representative of UTP to “Seminar Pembangunan Mahasiswa” in UUM, Sintok, Kedah.
  2. Assistant Head of Rakan Wirausaha Secreteriat Rakan Muda UTP,
  3. MAS facilitator for Jan 09, Mei 09 and Julai09.
  4. Head of Expo deparment Halal Fest 2009.
  5. Head of AnE deparment for Marsha IW 2009.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I strongly believe that to be a student representative is the best way to develop leadership quality in one self. Great leaders are those who can create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and drive it to completion.”Besides, leaders will not give up easily instead they always strive their best in pursuing their vision while inspiring others to do the same. Believe in me my fellow friends, as I will become a potential leader you will vote for.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In my observation, as a UTPian, we have witnessed that not all the graduated students managed to fullfill the mission of UTP which is to produce well-rounded graduates who are creative and innovative with the potential to become leaders of industry and the nation. Well, I wonder why? Where is the mistakes to be correct, where’s the flaw to be mend, where’s the weakness to be improvise??

Well the finite anwser is most of the students are very exam oriented. As we all know, ESU have taken a drastic action by implementing the CM to the Petronas scholarship in order to enhance their academic performance. Almost 410 or 6.5% of students have been affected by the CM in Julai 2008. It was a serious matter and most of the student decided to focus more on their academic. They refused to join any event and it has restraint their opputunity to develop personal skills in order to become well rounded students.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Leaders of tomorrow,

If I am being elected as SRC, my vision and mission is crystal clear which I will strive my best to spread the intellectual awareness among the student. What I mean by intellectual awareness is the environment that can generate sensitivity among the students about current issues happening around them. Firstly, I will organize intellectual student convention. In this convention, there will be prominent speakers such as Prof Madya Dr Mohammad Agus Bin Yusoff, political analysis and also Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr Khoo Kay Kim, a well-known historian. I am very confident that it will attract the students to participate in this session and it will instil the intellectual awareness among the students.

Secondly, I will put my effort in order to enhance and optimize the UTPress function. I will make sure that UTPress will be the medium to nurture the intellectual environment by establish team of journalist and team of public survey. They will provide articles and surveys related to intellectual matters. Therefore, I am strongly believe with these implementations, we can nurture the intellectual awareness among the students.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Finally, to end my speech, I want to restate that by organizing Intellectual student convention and optimize the UTPress function we would finally achieve the UTP mission which is to produce well rounded graduates.  I believe with your support, your trust, and your vote, we will reach the pinnacle of success. More and more intellectual graduates will be born here and they will contribute for the well being of our nation.

With that, Thank you and have a pleasant evening.