Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

On 23rd November, a group of Form 1 to Form 4 students from Jeli, Kelantan visited Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, UTP. The purpose of the visit was to gain general knowledge about UTP and also to motivate them to excel in their studies.

Management has appointed MPPUTP to conduct sharing session with the students. MPPUTP was represented by Ahmad Umair Bin Zubir, Aziz Aulov and Hasmadi Bin Hasbi. We have conducted the session in Room 2, Undercroft, Chancellor Complex.

At first the session was quite passive. The students looked very tired as they have traveled for the whole day. But after a while we managed to chill them up with some exercises and quizzes. They were eager to ask question on how to excel in study.

Moreover, we managed to discuss a lot of issues such as time management, leadership skills and life as university student. It was a great exposure for them to prepare themselves to face the obstacles as the university students.

For me, it was a memorable moment for us as we can share our experience and knowledge with them. Besides, most of them have given full cooperation during the session by asking several questions. At last, we manage to finish the session at 11.30pm and we received “special“souvenirs from the teachers.

I have realized one important thing during the session. I believe that as university students our responsibilities are not just studying 24 hours but we need to allocate our time to serve the community. They need us to motivate them. They need us to share our thought with them. So my friend, let us change our way of thinking, we are not only belong to UTP but we belong to our community.

Best Regards,

ahmad umair