UTP, December 16th 2009 – Academic and Career EXCOs of MPPUTP as well as the MPPUTP HICOM have successfully made an engagement with the representatives of Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU), Mr. Shanizam Samsuri (Manager/Student Advisor, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, ESU), Ms Suhaina Pandak (Executive ESU, Education Division) and Mr. Meor Ridzuan (ESU, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS). This meeting has been held at Executive Lounge, UTP from 11.30 am until 2.00pm.

There are a few issues have been arose and discussed with ESU such as Consequence Management, cut off point for foundation students, monthly allowances, rewards for excellent students and many more.

From the long discussion, MPPUTP was informed by the ESU that the current status of Consequence Management is still 2.5 and the pocket money for the first and second timer of CM students will not being hold.

“This is a good command from ESU. We (students) will always keep improving our academic performance although CM is demolished for PETRONAS scholar in the future,” said Ms Aqilah.

Besides that, the new cut off point for foundation students to continue their undergraduate studies with the sponsor from PETRONAS is 3.00. Without 3.00, PETRONAS will cancel their contract to sponsor the foundation students to further their undergraduate studies here in UTP.

Other than that, MPPUTP has requested for the consistent banking in of the monthly allowances into the scholars’ account. The aim of this constant monthly allowance is to educate students on how to manage their financial wisely and avoid the unpredictable situation of the students. In response to this issue, ESU stated that the problem sometimes comes from the bank part where the money will stuck at the bank process.

Besides, MPPUTP also has suggested some rewards for excellent students from ESU to make sure the students themselves as well as the other students will get some motivation to keep on improving in their academic performance. All these suggestions have been accepted by the ESU and will be taken into their consideration.

In addition, it was informed by ESU that all the new upcoming January intake students will not receive any sponsor from PETRONAS till the real SPM results have been announced. The students can only apply for the sponsor when they have the result with them. Additionally, to make sure students’ voice will always be taken into account in any decision taken by ESU, MPPUTP will have a continuous engagement with Vice President of ESU.

Ms Aqilah as exco 1 academic and career said to UTPress Team

“We (MPPUTP) strongly believe with this early engagement with ESU, we will be able to have a close relationship with ESU and a lot of collaboration can be done after this for the benefit of UTP students. We will also conduct a research towards all the matters aroused.”