Assalamualaikum wbt & Hi.

This notice is mainly for UTPians pertaining to the EXTENDED YELLOW LINE (restricted for parking) along the one-way road heading VILLAGE 3.

With full regret, MPPUTP and also the students are not given any single notification about this matter in advanced. We will be expecting more students will issue their complaints about parking problems due to this extended yellow line as the January 2010 semester begins on 24th January.

For the time being, as we (MPPUTP) noticed about the existence of this yellow line quite early during semester break while the students are having their holiday, we are looking forward to this matter very seriously. Right now, we will be having an engagement with the Mantainence and Properties Dept and Health,Safety and Environment Dept to have a clear picture and justification why such action been taken.

At the moment, MPPUTP would carry this issue with reasonable stands toward students’ betterment. Your support will definitely help us to monitor this issue. By God permission, InsyaAllah.

Updates will be issued from time to time via mediums we have.


Wan Ibrahim Bin Wan Mamat,

Exco 1,

Welfare Department,

MPPUTP 2009/2010.