Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

I believe  most of the UTP students  are waiting about the result of unsolved issue between D’Jernih and also the trio ( Waterworld, Western and Al Quds). On 18thFebruary, MPPUTP and SCC representatives had met the owner of the trio to discuss about the real situation that occured between them and D’jernih. Below is the chronology of the incident :


Dec 18, 09
A meeting conducted between D’Jernih and the vendors (i.e;alQuds, air mangga, etc) which which operate under D’Jernih. D’jernih said that the agreement between D’Jernih and UTP will be ended earlier which is on Dec 31, 09 instead of May 14,10.

Dec 21, 09
The vendors of the café had sent a paper work to UTP management to suggest that all the vendors can continue their operation in UTP, as a stand alone basis and not under D’Jernih as D’Jernih contract will be terminated very soon.

But they still did not receive any reply yet.

Dec 22,09
All the vendors were informed to attend an interview.

Dec 24, 09
One of the vendors had received an offer to operate at V3, but he refused to take the offer since the other vendors have not been offered.

Jan 5,10
The vendor moved to V3, and had moved all the belongings from pocket C’s café on Jan 3.

Jan 19, 10
This vendor gave the key of pocket C’s café after he had received the deposit from D’Jernih. The other vendors (alQuds and others) were still operating in V5.

Feb 16, 10
Water World had received an order to stop their operation from D’Jernih due to some reasons. One of the reason was the trio did not pay their services to D’Jernih. But in our meeting, the trio claimed that they have already paid. Which one is true?

Feb 17, 10
AlQuds (Nasi Lemak Kukus) and Western Food were forced to leave the cafe by D’Jernih also due to the same reasons.

Feb 18, 10 – till now
D’Jernih takes over the operation in Village 5 Café, Pocket C and Pocket D.

(The chronology above is TOTALLY the story told by the three vendors)

Therefore, on behalf of MPPUTP we would like to have your respon about this issues. Please click and fill up the online survey form.

We really need the support from UTPian holistically as the proofs that we are not satisfied with this incident. Thank you.