Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

I believe  most of the UTP students  are waiting about the result of unsolved issue between D’Jernih and also the trio ( Waterworld, Western and Al Quds). On 18thFebruary, MPPUTP and SCC representatives had met the owner of the trio to discuss about the real situation that occured between them and D’jernih. Below is the chronology of the incident :


Dec 18, 09
A meeting conducted between D’Jernih and the vendors (i.e;alQuds, air mangga, etc) which which operate under D’Jernih. D’jernih said that the agreement between D’Jernih and UTP will be ended earlier which is on Dec 31, 09 instead of May 14,10.

Dec 21, 09
The vendors of the café had sent a paper work to UTP management to suggest that all the vendors can continue their operation in UTP, as a stand alone basis and not under D’Jernih as D’Jernih contract will be terminated very soon.

But they still did not receive any reply yet.

Dec 22,09
All the vendors were informed to attend an interview.

Dec 24, 09
One of the vendors had received an offer to operate at V3, but he refused to take the offer since the other vendors have not been offered.

Jan 5,10
The vendor moved to V3, and had moved all the belongings from pocket C’s café on Jan 3.

Jan 19, 10
This vendor gave the key of pocket C’s café after he had received the deposit from D’Jernih. The other vendors (alQuds and others) were still operating in V5.

Feb 16, 10
Water World had received an order to stop their operation from D’Jernih due to some reasons. One of the reason was the trio did not pay their services to D’Jernih. But in our meeting, the trio claimed that they have already paid. Which one is true?

Feb 17, 10
AlQuds (Nasi Lemak Kukus) and Western Food were forced to leave the cafe by D’Jernih also due to the same reasons.

Feb 18, 10 – till now
D’Jernih takes over the operation in Village 5 Café, Pocket C and Pocket D.

(The chronology above is TOTALLY the story told by the three vendors)

Therefore, on behalf of MPPUTP we would like to have your respon about this issues. Please click and fill up the online survey form.

We really need the support from UTPian holistically as the proofs that we are not satisfied with this incident. Thank you.


On 6th February 2010, MPPUTP and ISC were invited to have a dinner with Puan Juniwati Rahmat, Vice President Of Education, Petronas at Room 4, Undercroft. We are honoured to spend our time with such a great leader. She worked with PETRONAS for 25 years. She was the one who initiate (think-tankers) for the several Petrochemical plant in Malaysia such as in Kerteh, Terengganu.

During the session, we have discussed about numerous issues relted to students’s welfare. For example :

1) Sponsorship issue regarding January 2010 intake.

2) Exchange student to foreign country.

3) Increment the allowance for PETRONAS scholars.

4) Status of marriage policy in PETRONAS.

5) Employment of PETRONAS scholars.

6) How to assist CM and UP students.

At the end of the session, we have gained fruitful information and clear picture about this issues. Besides, Pn. Juniwati shared her experiences and knowledge from the leaders’ point of view. “To be a leader is not easy. In some level, you need to take a decision which will not satisfy everyone, but you need to do so for the betterment of the whole”, she said.

Last but not least, Puan Juniwati shared a story about a pencil. It was very meaningful and useful for us to continue our journey as human being.

1) A pencil can’t write by itself. It needs to be guided by somebody. Same goes to us, we need to be led and inspired.

2) A pencil needs to be sharpened from time to time as to ensure optimum efficiency. As human, we have to polish our skills and keep improving. We will feel pain in our way to improve just like the sharpening process causes pain to the pencil.

3) A pencil has an eraser at the top end. We have chances in life. We can erase mistakes and correct them.

4) The outer part of the pencil is hard while the inner part is very soft(carbon lead). Everything starts from the heart. The intention must be right.

5) Pencil leaves marks. Every step taken will have its own effect. Think wisely before making decision, it may result in a positive or negative impact.

ahmad umair

GEORGETOWN: Penubuhan Parlimen Mahasiswa di setiap institut pengajian tinggi (IPT) mampu memberi lebih ruang kepada pelajar menyuarakan pandangan mereka tanpa dipengaruhi pihak luar.

Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, berkata pandangan mahasiswa juga boleh dipertimbangkan ketika penggubalan akta universiti yang baru.

“Kementerian memberi kebebasan kepada IPT membentuk Parlimen Mahasiswa bagi memberi ruang kepada golongan itu meluahkan pendapat yang mampu membangunkan universiti dan negara tetapi ia perlu mengikut modul yang dibenarkan universiti saja,” katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian selepas menerima kertas cadangan Parlimen Mahasiswa daripada Yang Dipertua Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Mohamed Shafiq Abd Aziz, di universiti itu di sini, semalam.

Turut hadir, Naib Canselor USM, Profesor Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak.

Terdahulu, Saifuddin menyaksikan majlis menandatangani memorandum persefahaman (MoU) antara USM dengan Jabatan Kimia, Kementerian Sains Teknologi dan Inovasi.

USM diwakili Dzulkifli manakala Jabatan Kimia oleh Ketua Pengarahnya, N Hithaya Jeevan.

Perjanjian yang membabitkan kerjasama selama lima tahun bertujuan memberi latihan dan penempatan kepada pelajar USM serta peluang melanjutkan pengajian di USM bagi pegawai Jabatan Kimia.

Mengulas lanjut, Saifuddin berkata, modul Parlimen Mahasiswa terserah kepada universiti berdasarkan kepada kesesuaian masing-masing kerana ada IPT yang mempunyai banyak cawangan.

“Menerusinya, pelajar boleh berbincang mengenai politik tetapi perlu ada had dan tidak menyentuh isu perkauman sehingga mampu menggugat keamanan,” katanya.

Assalamualaikum wbt & Hi.

This notice is mainly for UTPians pertaining to the EXTENDED YELLOW LINE (restricted for parking) along the one-way road heading VILLAGE 3.

With full regret, MPPUTP and also the students are not given any single notification about this matter in advanced. We will be expecting more students will issue their complaints about parking problems due to this extended yellow line as the January 2010 semester begins on 24th January.

For the time being, as we (MPPUTP) noticed about the existence of this yellow line quite early during semester break while the students are having their holiday, we are looking forward to this matter very seriously. Right now, we will be having an engagement with the Mantainence and Properties Dept and Health,Safety and Environment Dept to have a clear picture and justification why such action been taken.

At the moment, MPPUTP would carry this issue with reasonable stands toward students’ betterment. Your support will definitely help us to monitor this issue. By God permission, InsyaAllah.

Updates will be issued from time to time via mediums we have.


Wan Ibrahim Bin Wan Mamat,

Exco 1,

Welfare Department,

MPPUTP 2009/2010.

UTP, December 16th 2009 – Academic and Career EXCOs of MPPUTP as well as the MPPUTP HICOM have successfully made an engagement with the representatives of Education Sponsorship Unit (ESU), Mr. Shanizam Samsuri (Manager/Student Advisor, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, ESU), Ms Suhaina Pandak (Executive ESU, Education Division) and Mr. Meor Ridzuan (ESU, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS). This meeting has been held at Executive Lounge, UTP from 11.30 am until 2.00pm.

There are a few issues have been arose and discussed with ESU such as Consequence Management, cut off point for foundation students, monthly allowances, rewards for excellent students and many more.

From the long discussion, MPPUTP was informed by the ESU that the current status of Consequence Management is still 2.5 and the pocket money for the first and second timer of CM students will not being hold.

“This is a good command from ESU. We (students) will always keep improving our academic performance although CM is demolished for PETRONAS scholar in the future,” said Ms Aqilah.

Besides that, the new cut off point for foundation students to continue their undergraduate studies with the sponsor from PETRONAS is 3.00. Without 3.00, PETRONAS will cancel their contract to sponsor the foundation students to further their undergraduate studies here in UTP.

Other than that, MPPUTP has requested for the consistent banking in of the monthly allowances into the scholars’ account. The aim of this constant monthly allowance is to educate students on how to manage their financial wisely and avoid the unpredictable situation of the students. In response to this issue, ESU stated that the problem sometimes comes from the bank part where the money will stuck at the bank process.

Besides, MPPUTP also has suggested some rewards for excellent students from ESU to make sure the students themselves as well as the other students will get some motivation to keep on improving in their academic performance. All these suggestions have been accepted by the ESU and will be taken into their consideration.

In addition, it was informed by ESU that all the new upcoming January intake students will not receive any sponsor from PETRONAS till the real SPM results have been announced. The students can only apply for the sponsor when they have the result with them. Additionally, to make sure students’ voice will always be taken into account in any decision taken by ESU, MPPUTP will have a continuous engagement with Vice President of ESU.

Ms Aqilah as exco 1 academic and career said to UTPress Team

“We (MPPUTP) strongly believe with this early engagement with ESU, we will be able to have a close relationship with ESU and a lot of collaboration can be done after this for the benefit of UTP students. We will also conduct a research towards all the matters aroused.”

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Hari ini merupakan hari kedua ToT ataupun Training for trainer dijalankan. Objektif utama ToT adalah utk  mempersiapkan para fasilitator utk menerima kedatangan adik-adik baru ke UTP pada 16 Januari 2010 . Saya mewakili Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar UTP sangat berbesar hati utk menerima kedatangan adik-adik baru ke UTP. Apa pun, diharap Minggu Aluan Siswa pada kali ini dapat menjadi memori terindah dan bekalan yg mencukupi bagi menyelusuri kehidupan selaku Mahasisiwa dan Mahasiswi UTP. Walaubagaimanapun, suka utk saya nyatakan tentang beberapa perubahan yg dilakukan oleh ESU utk pelajar semester Januari 2010. Antaranya :

1) Pada semester kali ini, ESU tidak akan memberi bantuan biasiswa kepada batch Januari intake. Utk pelajar foundation, mereka boleh membuat permohonan utk mendapat biasiswa daripada Petronas selepas keputusan SPM diumumkan.

2) Selain itu, kemasukan intake pada kali ini bukan sahaja terdiri daripada pelajar foundation tetapi juga daripada pelajar-pelajar undergraduate.

3) Pelajar foundation perlu mendapat cgpa 3 utk membolehkan Petronas meneruskan bantuan biasiswa ke undergraduate.

Mungkin ada yg tertanya mengapa begitu banyak perubahan yg dilakukan oleh Petronas terutamanya dalam hal-hal yg melibatkan biasiswa??? Jawapanya ialah Petronas adalah syarikat yg berorientasikan perniagaan @ bussiness basis. Jadi Petronas sangat dinamik dalam membuat sebarang perubahan bagi memastikan mereka mampu berdaya saing dengan syarikat-syarikat lain.

Diharap dgn info di atas dapat membantu warga UTPian bagi memahami trend semasa yg berlaku di sekeliling kita. Sebarang persoalan boleh diajukan ke

Terima kasih.

Salam and hi everyone,

As what most of us concern, our final exam result for July09 semester will be announced on this Friday morning, 15th January 2010.

Thus, you can access the student portal to check for your result or just click on this link  A friendly reminder, don’t forget to have the exam ID together with you or else you won’t be able to see the result.

In addition, for the PETRONAS scholars, please be informed that ESU office has been shifted from Block O to Pocket D-03-01, Student Support Services 1 starting 11th January 2010.

With that, all the best and we are glad to see lots of smiling faces on this coming new semester!!!

Thank you,

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